I publish my presentations on Speaker Deck. See below a few selected talks:

Exoplanet Imaging Data Challenge

Invited talk at the Global Challenges Science Week, Grenoble, France.

A data scientist’s guide to direct imaging of exoplanets

Invited talk at the RADA big data workshop in Medellín, Colombia. The workshop is part of the Radio Astronomy for Development in the Americas (RADA) Big Data program, which is jointly funded by the UK Newton Fund and the Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones de Colombia. Feb 12, 2019.

A la caza de exoplanetas por imagen directa con Python: De la ciencia de datos, la exoplanetología y otros demonios

Charla presentada en la PyconES 2018 (Málaga, España). Slides.

Exoplanet direct imaging meets data science

Talk given at NASA ARC center and Stanford in June 2018. The slides present my Data Science approach to the problem of direct detection of exoplanets, leveraging recent developments in Machine/Deep Learning and the practices from the open-source Python community.

Image/data processing for direct imaging of exoplanets (PyAstro2018)

Lightning talk presented during the Python in Astronomy 2018 workshop @ Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute, New York. The slides present two Python packages for direct imaging of exoplanets: VIP and SODINN. VIP is an package for differential imaging and high-contrast imaging data analysis. SODINN is focused on deep learning applied to pattern recognition for detection of exoplanets in high-contrast imaging sequences.

Exoplanet direct imaging data challenge

Presentation given at the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science (INRIA Saclay) on the topic of data challenges for astronomical high-contrast imaging and direct detection of exoplanets.

Data Science in astronomical image processing: looking for exoplanets using machine learning

Talk presented at the Data science in the Alps workshop. The program of this meeting was composed of a mixture of talks about methodological research and about various scientific applications of data science. The slides can be found here.

Chasing exoplanets with Python and machine learning

PySciDataGre group launch event @ UGA. I presented, to a broad and multidisciplinary audience, two Python packages for exoplanet direct imaging: VIP and SODINN. In this presentation, I emphasized how these developments were enabled by the Python open-source scientific stack, a data science interdisciplinary approach and open-source scientific software development.

Academic Data Science: conducting research at the interface of different disciplines

Data Club @ UGA first seminar. I presented my work on image analysis and machine learning for astronomy, and the study of extra-solar planets via direct imaging. Then, I discussed the many challenges that we face as academic data scientists working at the interface of several disciplines. Finally, I concluded by listing some of the exciting opportunities that data science opens for us, young researchers, and our future (perhaps academic) careers.

High-contrast imaging post-processing methods for exoplanet detection and characterization

Talk given at INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes. Here I presented my latests results on “Supervised detection of exoplanets in high-contrast image sequences” (see publications section).